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Sarah Herold

Sarah Herold: notes from underground

i have felt the pull of community ever since participating in neighborhood kick-the-can games on the sarcastic suburban streets of new jersey. while continuing to roam the earth in search of my shadow, i find myself ever-engaging in a kafkaesque subterranean (r)evolution of sorts – stretching boundaries with experimental vigor and slowly evolving into a rhizome, branching out in networks of rhizomatic resistance, a substrate expansion of roots ever struggling to find the holes in our concrete creations, carving out new spaces through which to flower.

a digression, through which i recognize self as historical puzzle piece, pushed and pulled by a society and political-economy that teaches, values, and rewards an individualistic, militarized, fragmented, homogenized, commodified, and thus alienated, self. in an effort to combat the ensuing metaphysical jetlag and live cooperatively in non-hierarchical, egalitarian relationship with both others and surrounding ecologies, i attempt alternatives, embracing the allure of glitter, and seeking to model the world i work towards creating by calling out injustices, embracing nonsense, and striving to live out my politics each day with as many smiles possible.

experienced in much and yet expert in little, i currently lie entangled in a variety of projects. i embrace coopertunities everywhere with buttersidedown, our worcester-based housing cooperative and lie goaled in realigning my mindbodyspirit in a more communal and cooperative fashion, recognizing our interconnectedness and working towards building a homespace of love, support, and family. recently, zali and i began a business venture, woodaddy waffles, an independent restaurant committed to sustaining ourselves and others by providing delicious, nutritious food to our local community. we work to bridge the gap between income and activism in an attempt to strengthen relationships and build community, providing an informal public meeting space for everyone while being self-sustainable, circumventing the ethical compromise of a corporate paycheck.

when not cooking up waffles, i trip down the circuitous routes of life, negating vertigo, circumventing ennui, jostling amongst past mile-markers,  life lessons and acrylics, in an atomic happenstance; pontificating metaphysical jaunts across time-space, hitchhiking from one polka dot to another in a mitochondrial redistribution of primordial beingness – or some dramatic, metaphorical cosmic flashback. i embrace radical individual liberty, honesty, hope, love and artistic adventure. when not attempting the time space continuum, i get my kicks from public transportation, creative expression, coopertunities, strategizing radical alternatives and, through it all, fighting Power.

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