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Lauren Kendall

05 Obanla’e

“Peace is not the removal of conflict, it is the ability to cope with that conflict.” -Bearheart The Wind is My Mother

I am currently re-creating my reality. I like to call it Drilling. Except that no one is getting hurt, and there is no oil coming out the other end, and no animals are harmed. Its different…

I’m drilling through the layers of concrete, of man-made barriers, of  unfluid stuckness, wiping away the dust to see clearly, from moment to moment to pause, reflect and continue, and drilling more. Its hard being a driller. Because the substance I am drilling through seems never ending. But I know what I will find when it is all clear. Because I have been there, to the center. And I know which pathways are already clear to rejuvenate when I am too tired of drilling. And I drill away carefully, little by little, honoring what I am drilling as I go, because everything I am drilling away has served some purpose at one point.  It don’t want to rid it and pretend like that never mattered to me and that its all evil. I want to understand it. To work with it. To learn how to talk to it, to make it easier to drill through. I drill. And I drill.

And as I drill, I fill up the hole. With light, with laughter. With new friendships, with new loves. With drums. With Faith. I fill up the hole as I drill, to keep the pressure for those moments I pause from drilling, or the hole I have just drilled will fill back up with its own substance, wasting energy I have just put into the drilling process. Cuz at the end of the line of drilling, is Love.

Basically, I want to just love the Earth. And honor the Ancestors, and have a damn good time doing it with friends and funny shit, and music and family. I want to be outside every day. To be in a world thats rid of poverty, hate, racism, sexism, all the “ism’s”. I want to be healthy, able to kick a soccer ball. I want to be able to know where my food comes from, and the connection we all have to that food, including our attitudes and energies.

Its hard, when mostly what I want to do is to just live in my own reality. (Because, lets face it, most people don’t live in the world or even believe in the world I am living in and trying to re-create now to include a broader spectrum of humans) But, I can’t do that. Because I love people. And I love laughing. And I love love. Who could watch a good scary movie alone? build a yurt alone? raise a family alone? do-si-do alone? I couldn’t sustain all of those things alone. It would be exhausting. It takes a community. So community building is what I am focusing my energy on during this de- and re-construction process.

So, I am currently re-creating my reality and my geographical location for this recreation seems to be Worcester, aka Woo-Daddy. Which, at first disturbed me because its out of my element. But this place has pizzaz and I LUDDHAT!  The beauty of the communities in which I am in, and the inspiration I have right now, to re-create my reality and my world are priceless. I am learning, learning, learning..

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Clearly it needs some work, but hey, its a work-in-progress, just like myself. At least it has completed step one and gotten dressed! :) (its a RULE here at BSD. And we are damned strict about it!!)

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