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About BSD

Butterside Down is a housing cooperative founded in 2008 in Worcester, Massachusetts.  As a housing cooperative, we are a group of people who live and enjoy together, share in household chores and expenses, as well as communal libations and enjoyments.

Butterside Down is, however, far more than a group of people living together.  We locate ourselves and our home at the intersection of multiplicities of local, regional, and global struggles and movements for a greater world.  We understand our cooperative as an alternative to, and act of resistance against, the neoliberal corporate globalization and the genocidal and ecocidal destruction of human-ecological communities that it necessarily entails.

We understand that the act of living cooperatively, and learning to live cooperatively, is an ecological, political, social, and economic process that is far more broad and expansive than the simple logistics of a group of people sharing a roof.  Our members are dedicated to both the theory of cooperativism as well as the daily practice of living in-relationship with each other.

Understanding that each of us are historical beings shaped by a society and political-economy that teaches, values, and rewards an individualistic and fragmented social life, we recognize that cooperation is not a way of life that we have been brought up to live.  As a result, we see our living situation as an opportunity and continual process of improving our cooperative abilities and sensabilities.

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